Dynamic Custom Field Lookup

If your Custom Field is a Dropdown List or Multi-Select List and you select the SQL driven option then you may create a simple non-cascading, dynamic field

You will be prompted for the following information:

  • Lookup Table Name: name of the table that contains the valid values
  • Lookup Key Field Name: name of the field that is the key to the lookup table
  • Lookup Description Field Name: field that contains the description to show
  • Lookup Sort Field Name: field to order by when returning data
  • Add Blank Entry: allow users to leave the field empty
  • Auto-Complete: tick when there are a lot of records in the lookup data
  • Create Table in SQL: if the table does not exist it will be created for you on Save
  • Filter by Project: if you add a column to your lookup table called "projectid" (case insensitive) then values are returned per project
  • Show with Attributes: if selected then the field value(s) will be shown on the left hand side in the List and View Item screens