Email & Alerts

Alert Options

  • Send email alerts: globally enable to disable all email alerts
  • Auto-email creator/reporter: send a confirmation email to anyone who creates an item
  • Auto-email assigned resource: send a confirmation email to anyone who is assigned as a resource
  • From Email Address: used for outbound email alerts
  • From Display Name: use for outbound email alerts
  • SMTP Server Configuration

    To send email notifications from Gemini you must configure an SMTP server.

    • SMTP Server: specify IP or server name such as
    • SMTP Port: the port of the SMTP server (usually 25)
    • Authentication Mode: authentication mode, if any
    • Authentication Username: username for authentication
    • Authentication Password: password for authentication
    • Call POP3 Before Sending Emails: will perform POP operation before invoking SMTP actions
    • Use SSL: whether you need to use SSL
    • Ssl Protocol: the SSL protocol
    • Encoding: default text encoding
    • Enable Diagnostic Output: logs diagnostic information to the System Log