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Where can I find code samples and the necessary libraries for your REST Api

Code samples are in the Gemini zip file, which you download to install the application. You should use the libraries that match your installed version of Gemini, which you can determine by looking in the footer of the Gemini web page. The path to the samples in the zip file is 'Extras\Developer Samples\' In, you will find code samples and the libs folder containing the Gemini dlls you must compile against.

You can downloadthe latest Gemini zip file from here. If you're not on the latest version of Gemini, and you don't have the zip file that matches your version, contact Countersoft Support and someone will get you the zip file from the archive.

What are the current endpoints?

List of Gemini API Endpoints
  1. Alert Template Endpoint
  2. Breeze App Endpoint
  3. Configuration Endpoint
  4. Custom Field Endpoint
  5. Item Attachments Endpoint
  6. Item Comment Endpoint
  7. Item Custom Field Data Endpoint
  8. Item Dependency Endpoint
  9. Item Endpoint
  10. Item Follower Endpoint
  11. Item History Endpoint
  12. Item Link Endpoint
  13. Item Repeat Endpoint
  14. Item Search Endpoint
  15. Item Time Log Endpoint
  16. Meta-data Endpoint
  17. Permission Endpoint
  18. Project Changelog Endpoint
  19. Project Component Endpoint
  20. Project Endpoint
  21. Project Roadmap Endpoint
  22. Project Version Endpoint
  23. Saucery App Endpoint
  24. User Endpoint
  25. User Group Endpoint
  26. Workspace Endpoint

What formats do you support for data?

The only supported format is JSON.

The documentation says to use an API Key for authentication. Where do I find it?

Your API key is in your user profile (top right of the page, click on your name), on the Password tab.

We use Windows Authentication, not Forms. How do I authenticate with the API if I can't pass a username and API Key?

When using Windows Authentication, the constructor takes username, password, and a flag to indicate if you are using Windows Authentication or not. The username (no password) for Windows Authentication must be in format "domain\user". You can find more documentation on REST Api authentication here.

Alternatively you can create a second site with a connection string pointing to the same database, that uses Forms authentication, and exists only for the API. Countersoft do not charge the usual fee for a second site provided it is only used for this purpose.

There is an API Key in web.config. Can I use that API Key for the REST API?

No. The API Key in web.config's "appSettings" section is for source code integration (with GitHub etc).