Item Search Endpoint


This method returns a filtered list of Items.


The request body must contain an IssueFilter entity in JSON e.g. {IncludeClosed: "false",Projects: "18"}. It returns a list of IssueDto's.

Microsoft.NET example:

IssuesFilter filter = new IssuesFilter();

filter.IncludeClosed = false;
filter.SearchKeywords = "user";
filter.Projects = "18|19";


JavaScript example:

var geminiUrl = "http://localhost/gemini/api/items/filtered";
var geminiUsername = Base64.encode("manager:xvitjc5bmm"); // user : apikey
var geminiData = {
                   SearchKeywords: "user",
                   IncludeClosed: "false",
                   Projects: "18|19"

    url: geminiUrl,
    type: "POST",
    data: geminiData,
    headers: { "Authorization": "Basic " + geminiUsername },
    success: function (data) {

Max Rows You can limit the number of rows returned by setting the MaxItemsToReturn property to an integer value