Listening To Mailboxes

Breeze will take emails from a mailbox and turn them into tickets within Gemini.

Multiple mailboxes can be added and you will require some level understanding of POP3, IMAP or Exchange.

  • Queue: queue to which this Mailbox belongs
  • Name: name you wish to give the Mailbox
  • Email Address: email address that this Mailbox processes
  • Authentication Mode: one of: AUTO, APOP, REGULAR or NONE
  • Username and Password: username and password associated with the email address to be processed
  • Connection Type: POP3, IMAP or Exchange
  • Server and Port: Server and Port on which the mailbox for the email address resides
  • Use SSL: checkbox to indicate if you use SSL
  • Delete Messages: checkbox to indicate if messages should be deleted when processed or left on the email server
  • Limit to Unread: checkbox to indicate if Gemini should only process emails marked as Unread
  • Black List: blacklisted email addresses, not to be processed
  • No Reply List: email addresses that should not receive a reply from the Mailbox
  • Subject 'Like' Expressions: regular Expressionsthat the subject line must match for the email to be processed
  • Subject 'Not Like' Expressions: regular Expressions that the subject line must not match for the email to be processed
  • Content Replacement Match Expressions: regular Expressions that will result in content being replaced
  • Content Truncation Match Expressions: regular Expressions that will result in the email being truncated
  • Strip Signature: use algorithms to strip signatures from the inbound email
  • Ignore Attachments: do not add attachments from the email to the work item
  • Alert Template: Response Template for auto responding to the email sender
  • SMTP Server: previously configured SMTP Server
  • Use Sender as Reporter: Breeze will use the sender as the reporter of the ticket if the sender's email address can be found in the user list
  • Add New Users: this will add new users if the sender's email address doesn't exist in the user list
  • Project: field to let you override the project that was set at the Queue level
  • Item Type: choose either Project default or a process type for tickets genarated from Breeze

When the configuration is saved it will be immediately validated and a test message sent to you. If there is a problem with the technical configuration you will be shown an error message.