Managing Agile and Scrum

Adopting an agile and Scrum way of working means following the Agile Software Development manifesto. Agile places emphasis on iterative development, people interactions and responding to change.

Scrum is an agile framework for completing software development or any other kind of project.

Visual infographics provide a great way to understand Agile and Scrum.

Product Backlog

There is usualy a list of things that you have to deliver over time. This list of things to be delivered is known as a Product Backlog.

Items in the Product Backlog are un-scheduled - no resource or delivery dates are allocated.

Sprint Backlog

Sprints are manageable phases that encapsulate work to be done. Once the sprint is complete a working product is expected to be delivered. The objective is to define sprints that contain the work to be completed. A sprint that contains work to be completed is known as a Sprint Backlog.

Items in the Sprint Backlog are scheduled - resource and delivery dates have been allocated.