Permission Roles

Linking Projects

When editing a permision set you can also select the projects that receive the permissions.

NoteYou can also select a Permission set from the Projects screen.


Select which user groups receive which permissions.

The following table details all available roles.

Permission Description
Can View Project The most basic permission without which a user cannot see the project or any items in it. No other permissions are relevant if the user cannot see the project.
Can Be Assigned Work (Resource) User can be assigned as a 'Resource' to an item. If a user does not have this permission they will not appear in a drop-down list of Resources though they can still be selected through a Custom field of type 'User Picker'.
Can Delete Item User can delete any item provided the action does not break data integrity rules
Can Move/Copy Item User can move items between projects and can create new items
Can Perform Bulk Operations User have access to the Bulk Update tool which can change field values on multiple items simultaneously. This also allows for use of the Import Wizard.
Can Delete Comment User can delete any comment
Can Sequence Items User are allowed access to the Sequencing grab handles that allow project-wide ordering of items on the Grid
Can Manage Components User can create and amend Project Components in the Project Settings menu
Can Manage Versions User can create and amend Project Versions in the Project Settings menu
Can Set Project Default Values User can define default values for the fields that the project uses on the Project Settings, which will be applied when items are created.
Can Only Delete Own Comment User can only delete their own comments (User can always edit their own comments)
Can Only View Own Items User can only see and edit items they created or which are assigned to them as the Resource (usually applied to external users)
Can Only View Own Organization Items Users can only see items they have created or users within their Organization have created
Can Only Amend Own Items User can only amend items they have created
Can Only Delete Own Items User can only delete items they have created provided the action does not break data integrity rules
Read Only Access Users can only view items, all creation and editing permissions are revoked. This restrictive permission overrides all other permissions

Watch How To Do It: Permissions

The following video will help provide an overview of permisions within Gemini. For a quick reference to permisions, please start the video from the 4:00 minute mark.