Rules, Actions & SLA

Rules & Actions Overview

Gemini provides a sophisticated rules engine to help you define complex conditional checks with actions to route communications and set or change data.


The following table details all condition rules.

Condition Check what?
Comment The contents of a comment
Commented The item has a comment created, true or false
Comment Source Who created the comment
Comment Source Type How the comment was created. E.g. check if comment created by Email Reply (Email) or an email converted to a comment (Breeze)
Description The description
Due Date The value of due date. You can specify dates using built-in special keywords with + and - operators e.g. start-week or end-month+10 etc.
Emails Count How many emails sent to a customer using Breeze Email Reply
Excess Time How many more minutes did we log that went above our estimation
Issue Check if the issue has been created or updated
Priority The value of priority
Project If the item belongs to one or more specific projects
Remaining Time How many more minutes do we have to log to get to our estimation
Resolution The value of resolution
Resource The name of the user who is assigned to the item
Severity The value of severity
Source Who created the item
Source Type How the item was created. E.g. check if the item was created from an email (Breeze)
Start Date The value of start date. You can specify dates using built-in special keywords with + and - operators e.g. today or start-week-2 etc.
In SLA Check if the item is in an SLA, true or false
SLA Which SLA an item is part of
SLA Time Left How much time is left before the SLA is breached
SLA Time Passed How much time has passed in the SLA
Title The value of title
Type The value of type
Name of Custom Field The value of custom field


The following table details all actions.

Action What Gemini should do if all conditions are met.
Email Send an email to any email address of your choice using an Alert Template of Generic Type. The email is sent only the first time the condition occurs per item.
Set Field Set the field value. For percent complete you can use auto which will calcuate it based on time logged vs estimated
Set Custom Field Set the custom field value
Veto Action Stop the creation or update of an item
Stop Clock Stop the SLA timer
Pause Clock Pause the SLA timer
Resume Clock Resume the SLA timer
Switch SLA Move from one SLA to another. You will be given the option to reset the clock or leave it as it is.

Email tokens

You can send emails to specific users for an email action:

Token Email Sent To
{resource} Email the users who are assigned to the item
{reporter} Email the user who has created the item
{follower} Email the users who are followers of the item
{group name} Email the users who are in the Gemini group. Eg. {Developers} will expand to all users who are in the Developers group for the item's project.

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SLA Overview

Gemini SLA lets you define different levels of customer treatment so you can meet your obligations and focus on what matters right now.


Enabling SLA

You will want to first ensure that the SLA app is enabled. Please navigate to Customize > Apps > Event Apps, from here, check the checkbox to enable the "SLA" app.

Ensure that the SLA Field is visible for those processes that you wish to associate with the SLA app.

Select the screen option (viewing section) for the Process that you want to associate with SLA.

Verify that on the items grid page you can see the SLA in the Options drop down

Specifying an SLA Calendar

This option is only available in version 6.8.1 or higher

Go to Customize > Rules and SLA > and the Working Days Calendar is in the left hand menu bar.

Add a calendar by assigning it a name and description. You must specify the working days of the week and then choose the non working days. If you enter the non working days manually, Gemini will prompt with a calendar control for you to select the dates from. You can also upload a CSV file of dates for Gemini to import.

Having selected the non working dates for the calendar you can now assign that calendar to an SLA.

Note The SLA Calendar functionality is ignored if the calendar is a 24 x 7 calendar.

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