Saucery FAQ

Cannot see the CodeReview (Saucery) tab?

Make sure “Code Review” is enabled from Customize -> Templates (Select template in question) -> Process (select process in question) screen settings.

SVN Commits are not showing in Saucery

  1. Make sure your commit message contains an existing Gemini item id in this format i.e. "GEM:234 button was fixed".
  2. Check if there are any records in the table gemini_codecommits. If the table is empty, then the connector was not setup properly. In this case download DebugView, run it and do another commit. You should see more logging in DebugView with a possible error.

When I click on a file in CodeReview the "Previous" tab is empty

Bear in mind when you commit a completely new file, the "previous" tab will be empty, because this is the first version of the file. You should get data for both sides on your second commit.

When I click on a file in CodeReview I get blank results for both sides

Go to the table gemini_codecommits and inspect the data value for your commit. Make sure the Filename and RepositoryUrl are correct.

Do I need an extra license for Saucery?

Saucery comes with the default Gemini license. No additional licenses are required.

Do we offer a SVN Linux connector?

Yes, we do. You can download it from here.