Severity Codes are optional but are recommended if you wish to be able to track and manage issues and errors, which will tend to vary by severity from the perspective of various stakeholders.

Make sure that you have selected the Project Template that you wish to maintain Severity values for from the drop-down list.

To Add a new Severity value, click on the Add button. You will be prompted to provide:

  • Label: the descriptive label that will be shown against your Severity
  • Icon: icon to visually represent the Severity (Gemini ships with dozens of icons, or you can create your own)
  • Color: color that will be associated with items that have that Severity

Click Save to create the Severity value.

To maintain the Label, Comment, Icon or Color values of the Severity, click in the appropriate field and use Inline editing to easily and instantly change the field value.

To delete a Severity click on the delete icon to the right of the screen. You will be required to specify an alternative value that any items in the deleted Severity will be recoded to. This is to ensure that there are no orphaned records in your data, with Severities that do not exist in the Template.

Ordering Severity Codes

To the left of the Severity icon is a drag handle. Position the mouse over this region and you can drag-drop the Severity codes to reorder them. Severity codes will appear in the Visual Planner in the order in which they appear on the Template.