Sharing Workspaces

Workspaces can be shared with anyone in a User Group that has a "Can Share With" connection to a User Group you are in.

Once User Groups are connected, the option to share a Workspace with another User Group, or with a User from another User Group, will appear on the Share tab.

Lock & Sync

Every workspace is defined by the filter at the top of the view.

If a workspace is shared with Lock and Sync co-workers you share the Workspace with, cannot permanently change the filter criteria you have set, or indeed the structure of the Workspace - columns, column order etc. This ensures everyone sees what you want them to see.

Allow members to sequence items

Tick this option to allow users your Workspace is shared with to change the sequence of items in the Sequence Zone.


Select which user groups you want to share with. You can only share with groups or users that are in your Interaction Groups.

Watch How To Do It: Sharing Workspaces

The following is an overview of sharing workspaces within Gemini.