Team Foundation Server


You can install the check-in policy for TFS from the visual studio extension manager or you can download it directly from the Visual Studio Gallery.

Link Gemini to TFS Projects

Connect to your Team Foundation Server.

Associate the Gemini check-in Policy with your Source Control set up as shown below.

Click "Add" on the Check-in Policy tab and select the Gemini Policy.

Specify your Gemini credentials and press save.

Once the credentials have been provided, you will see the Gemini Check-in Policy listed under the check-in Policies tab.


Right-click the change that you wish to commit and select the 'Check In Pending Changes' option.

When committing your work back to your repository, you can specify a Gemini Issue Id in the Comment box (specify multiple Issue Id’s like gem:218 gem:222 gem:230). You can add a comment in the 'Add comment here' section. Once you have added an Issue Id press Check In.

All commited files and comments appear under Code Review as follows.