The Daily Scrum

Agile and Scrum working usually means running a Daily Scrum to answer three key questions:

  • What did we do yesterday?
  • What are we doing today?
  • Are there any blocking issues or show-stoppers?

The grid can be used to filter and view items for any Sprint Backlog.

You can share workspaces that define your view of the world with co-workers, so they see what you see.

The Side-Bar contains a metrics tabs that can be configured to show Burn-down, Burn-up and other metrics to help you track progress.

Clicking on the cog icon (top right) of the side bar will allow you to select your desired metrics.

The Burn-down chart tracks how many items remain open as you approach the delivery date for the sprint. The timeline is represented across the bottom (the X-AXIS).

The objective is to have no open items as you hit the delivery date.

The solid black line represents the ideal line that shows the target which you should hit at the time intervals.

The Burn-up chart tracks how many items are closed as you approach the delivery date for the sprint.