User Preferences

You can change your profile by clicking on your account name.

Firstname & Surname

Both firstname and surname are required adnd can be changed.

Username & Email

Your username cannot be changed but email can be changed as required.

Email Alerts

Decide if you wish to receive any email alerts and whether you wish to be notified about your own changes.

Timezone & Date Format

Select the timezone and date format for use across the entire application for you.

Language & Theme

Select one of the support languages.


The API Key is generated and you can request a new key at any time. API keys are normally used as an alternative means to authentication yourself with the application from third party systems and add-on's.


Change your password at any time.


Your profile picture is based upon the Gravatar associated with your email address by default. You can choose to upload a picture of your choice instead of using Gravatar.